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How To Get Your Childs Behavior Under Control

August 12, 2012
Children crave attention so in some cases it can be enough to simply ignore them when they are misbehaving. It's not always possible to achieve the simplest results though which is why we have a few alternative suggestions for you. We have summarised a couple of simple methods to help you work towards having a well behaved child. Getting Rid Of The Bad Behavior Most childs behavior problems can be eliminated by using a time-out. What this means is simply informing your child that their bad behavior will result in them being put in some place, somewhere they aren't going to like such as facing a wall, or or under the stairs, and then make them stay there for a set amount of time. If the child starts to display some of the unwanted behavior, first give them a warning. Then follow through with your threat if the badness continues. A time out should last just a few minutes and you should keep a watch over them for that time. Make sure you don't communicate or even look at them though. If the child moves away from the time-out area, or continues shouting or screaming simply put them back and start the time-out over again. Your child will soon learn the pattern here. They will know that their bad behavior ends up in a timeout so they will learn to avoid it. There's no getting out of it for them as long as you are strong and disciplined to follow through. Now For The Good Behavior If you want to actually improve childs behavior then consider using rewards and treats to reward them to encourage good behavior. It sounds quite easy in theory but if it doesn't end up working its usually because the parents end up inadvertently rewarding bad behavior by giving in to them just to shut them up. This is clearly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing your childs behavior, but hopefully it's given you some food for thought.

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